Printerpix coupon codes 2017

Personalized goods wrong or different from your order, please contact PrinterPrix voucher code seven days to receive your order.Please attach photos highlight the problem (s) do you have your order for further investigation.Faster to solve, please don’t forget to include your order number.You need to contact customer service team via email or phone.One of their agents will provide you with the corresponding instructions.

Customers can track their order (s) under the condition of “tracking order” after login your account.An email will be sent to you once your order has been sent.

Printerpix groupon voucher order production, shipment and delivery up to 10-12 working days for Britain, Europe 12-15 working days, 21 working days.

PrinterPix photo book history is a series of specifications & sales, from 10 to 30.Here are some of our most popular archive on sale.£51 reduce 30 x 20 “collage canvas save 60% when using this PrinterPix discounts save 58% coupon code using this PrinterPix coupon code to save half of the price, free shipping using this PrinterPix coupon code.

Magic cup from Printerpix makes a great gift for friends and family.The heat sensitive photos cup is a great ‘magic’ fun.Cup your photos and messages, this is hidden in the black the rmosensitive coating.Heat cup coating will disappear, when the cup becomes hot, show your photos and personal information receiver so surprise.Printerpix contact number suggest you wash your hands the heat change the “magic cup”.

Personalized calendar Printerpix saved projects make the perfect gift.Select images, will provide happy memories for friends and family all year round and provide remind * a lot of fun.Because they are easy to create just upload pictures you choose each month, you can also choose to highlight special days such as birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates with your own custom selection of images and text.Calendar is in the UK and printed on high quality photo paper for a high quality product.

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